Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kaymi at the Mesa Art Center!

Kaymi and I were able to got to the Mesa Art Center and see my long lost best friend in college whom I haven't seen in YEARS!!!  Juli has been doing photography for a while now and is VERY GOOD at it.

At first, Kaymi didn't really know what to do while she was around strangers. 

She just looked off in the distance. I tried peek-a-boo, coo-koo, and even sneezing! 

What on earth was wrong?! I was so confused and lost as to how to get her to smile.
 And yeah sure enough- she cried!!!!!!
I was so sad for her after about 45 minutes of this.
My poor little girl!!

But then...
It wasn't until I showed her a picture of her Dadda that she begun to smile AND actually LAUGH!

You're number ONE!

 I absolutely love this one!!!!

And yeah there were some of me...

But Kaymi was having fun after all. She even made friends with Juli and her assistant, Melissa.

The location was awesome! So many other options that we didn't get to use as backgrounds.

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