Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Schnepf Farms

Surprisingly there is a little place called Schnepf Farms hidden right in the heart of Queen Creek.. So my dad came and we all wanted to see what it was all about and try their chili.

 Taken of Tess before because she was unable to attend. 

 These cousins share. Everytime Biddi is in the walker eating, Kaymi will come by to see what she's got. Biddi always shares.
 Kaymi and I on the Hayride!!!!!!
The hayride stopped first here where the dwarf deer are. 

 Drake feeding the deer, he was kind of shy.

The Master Buck of them all.

 Second place the hayride stopped at was the cornmaze!

At first Kaymi was interested in the tree-like things around her.
But once Grandpa took control, Kaymi was wanting out of the bumpy and dizzy ride! :)

Drake's first roller coaster ride!!!

 Then there was a train that we went on. There were scary people that jumped out or up at you!!!
 After the roller coaster, Drake is unsure if he wants to go on the train.