Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Atlantic!

Kaymi and I went with all the women to Rehoboth Beach on the coast of Delaware. It was fun to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean! Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve all the other pictures of me. So there are only two.
LOL...practically the SAME one, only my eyes are shut!

Kaymi won a WHALE!

SO....I love the library of New Castle County, DE! They were very good to me. Their Kirkwood location was extra outstanding! My first visit when Kaymi was about only 4 or 5 months old. The lady head of the kid's section saw Kaymi and asked, "AWE she is so adorable! How old is she?" After my reply, she then asked excitedly, "OH! Are you gonna sign her up for the reading club?!" 
My thoughts exactly..."Did you just hear me? She can't read..."
Seeing my puzzled look the lady went on to say, "Well if you read to her, or anytime she spends holding a book, throwing a book, biting a book, THAT COUNTS!"
So we humored her and signed up Kaymi for the reading club. 
DID I KNOW SHE WOULD BE WINING THINGS? Kaymi won crayons (twice), bubbles, and a book! She was awarded a certificate for reading 10 hours. (Don't be fooled: Church helped with getting hours.) Her name was put on the wall!
AND...I received a phone call saying that she had won the weekly drawing for a whale. Hmm, I wasn't aware of this; not amused  I thought, 'Sure -a little whale no bigger than my hand.Yay.'
What a shocker! Come to find that Kaymi didn't just win any whale -it was the big blue whale from Dr. Seuss' "If I Ran the Circus." Made by Khol's, that's almost a $20 vlaue! WOW! 
THEN to continue my bragging about the library...I really really really wanted to read the book, "Where Hope Begins" by Alysia Sofios. It is the true story about the Wesson Family survivors from Fresno, CA. I saw an ABC special and then was interested. I called my library to see if they had it...NOPE -oh but let's just borrow it from another library for ya. ...ALL THE WAY FROM TENNESSEE! Woo-Hoo! I was shocked again.My Delaware Library RULES! (Also check your library; mine also had new DVDs to check out for free. At least 3 at a time!)

Kaymi started crawling, so she didn't want to pose for the picture. I had to say, "Hey come back here!" I would get the camera ready, and then say, "K, ready.....GO!" and then take the picture. She laughed at me, it was funny and fun. Here they are: