Monday, November 8, 2010

Kaymi's friends!

 Kaymi absolutely LOVES dogs!
 But she only looks at them...
 ...If you can't play with the big dogs...
 ...So she stays inside!

 Kaymi has also adopted their way of wining and whimpering.

  If Kaymi wants something or didn't get something; she whimpers like a dog!

 Reaching for the handle!

There IS a little miniature Pomeranian named Remi whom Kaymi does enjoy playing with. But for right now, Kaymi just gets in the way of the other dogs.

 All this time Kaymi had been good while strengthening her leg muscles and just looking out the door. Until... 

AND we have one more for ya. [This is my FIRST time loading videos -hope it works]

Kaymi brushes her teeth!

 Kaymi enjoys brushing her teeth! She now has four on top and two on bottom!

 So cute! I love her lip in this one! 

This is NOT her toothbrush. She insisted on trying out mom's! But hers is just the right size for her little mouth.
Of course I have to brush everywhere in there for her, and then she has her turn to do it herself. She loves it!