Friday, March 19, 2010

A Painting?

I absolutely love this picture. Last night while I rocked Kaymi to sleep in our dark room, the hall light was on and casted this shadow on the wall. To me it looks sort of like a painting. And my theory of the outer color being red was caused by my red shirt. But who knows?

Kaymi Walker

Kaymi was hanging out with her cousins the other day and Aunt Shay put socks and shoes on her so she could try out the Walker!

Three months old!

Again -I just have not taken the time to put up these pictures. Kaymi is so much bigger than that bear now!
 [Sorry they are so small. ...They were taken with a phone.]

Forgotten Pictures

THESE are some pictures I forgot to post when Kaymi wasn't even a month old. She would sometimes hold her bottle!!!!!
Veeeerrrrry talented!