Saturday, January 16, 2010

At the hospital

Delivery room 12-05-2009

The music player I just HAD to take. It played Enya, Christmas music and then MOTAB towards the end.

I'm uh -just about ready to pop!

It starts...7:00 in the morning. Looks like snow in Kingman.

Jason watching football while I am in labor!

A Precious Moment I thought I couldn't stand the pain anymore until my Knight In Shinning Armor came to my rescue.

At 10:56pm Kaymi was finally here!
8.lbs 11 oz.
20 1/2 in

Kayla, Karyssa, Kim, Fred, Andy, Bruce and Tess all waited at the hospital that night!
Then returned the next day well rested.

Oh so sweet. We got to move out of the delivery room into the recovery room. Now I can relax.
(RIGHT: Jason got his own bed and he's watching football -AGAIN!)

Aunt Karyssa visiting

Grandpa Fred

Grandma Kim

Aunt Kayla too.

The Grandpas first time holding Kaymi!

Grandpa Bruce

Grandpa Andy

Aunt Tess got to hold her too!


Aunt and Grandma say goodbye! ;(