Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kaymi and I meet Grandma and Pappa!

Kaymi and I have never seen Jason's Grandmother Gayle and her husband John. They live way up in northern California and so it was hard to get around seeing them. They actually drove down and we met them in Vegas where they were staying at the Cannery Hotel. It was a good time.
 Gayle and John
 Kim and Fred deciding what to eat...
 Jason, Gayle, John, Kim, Fred, Kaymi is of course in the high chair and I take the empty seat.

 Jason, Grandma Gayle, and Kim holding Kaymi.
 In the hotel room
 Fred comfortably watching football.
Daddy and baby!
Kaymi wearing Jason's shades!

 Oh yeah: Since I am an appreciator of art; I enjoyed the pinup lady's of the 50's
 and this outside painting.
 Here is a close up! Isn't it great!
 And here's my Stud Muffin!
What a dish!
We had a great time!!