Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A niece is born!

 The very next day after Kaymi was blessed -a new baby came! Shaylyn and Adam celebrated the birth of their daughter Jocelyn Rhoe, whom they named after my grandfather, Thom Rowe Emerson. So it was February 21, 2010 and quite a busy weekend for us. I am thankful that my parents were there one day in Kingman for us and then in Queen Creek the next to be there to see the 19 inch long little girl that weighed 7 lbs 3oz.

Congratulations Spilsbury Family!

A Baby Blessing & A Man's Baptism

February 20, 2010 was a Saturday and a very special day for the Finlay family! Our daughter Kaymi was blessed and on that same day her Grandpa was baptized! Jason had the privilege of baptizing his father. It was a very neat experience to share with both sides of our family. Both Jason and I had both of our parents there and we only missed one sister each; Vanessa and Shaylyn were missed with their clan. But we had an overall great time.
 Jason and his father Andy. It was a very nice baptism with talks given by Kayla on "Baptism" and myself on the "Holy Ghost".

 With the Elders

As you can see she was not very happy. (Me trying to laugh it off -it's not working)

Our little family. (I am officially annoyed)

One moment to take a break between cries. She is so cute!

Karyssa, Kayla, and Grandma Kim

Aunt Beeb (Heidi)

Kaymi did not like the beautiful bow that her Aunt Tess had brought for her. While adjusting it, my mom decided to catch the moment and captured an even more precious picture by accident.

Andy and Fred shaking hands. This is Jason's father and step-dad. Such a kind jester that these two can shake hands and really be sincere about it. Good men.

On a happier note:
Kaymi did later give us some good pictures.

Were it possible to crop out the monkey chonies... I would have. :)
Not wearing here pants because her diaper leaked. 

I am so glad they were all able to be there!

(Thanks Mom and Tess for taking these pictures!)